About the Program

Mr. Vic's Gospel presentations are fast paced and eye catching.  They are a combination of comedy, fun music, ventriloquism, sculpture balloons and audience participation that is sure to generate family fun and laughter. Through the silliness of puppets and unique object lessons, basic bible truths are illustrated in a manner that will be long remembered. His programs are entertaining, yet spiritually significant. They can be a great alternative for a church family night, vacation bible school closing or church banquet. If such a ministry would be beneficial to you and your congregation, please give Mr. Vic a call.

What Will It Cost?
Mr. Vic's desire is to share his ministry talents wherever God may send him. He doesn't have a set fee for churches, but prefers to make his ministry available on a love-offering basis. If an offering is not appropriate for one reason or another, an honorarium to help support his ministry would be appreciated.

About Mr. Vic
Vic Bright is a Christian magician, ventriloquist and served as children's pastor for twenty-two years. Over the  years, he has developed some fascinating object lessons into a rather unique ministry. With some assistance from his four foot rabbit "Merlin", Mr. Vic has regularly shared his ministry in his home church, as well as church's in the surrounding areas. His primary focus has been directed toward children's ministry, but he has found that both children AND adults are fascinated with illusion. Through illusion, he hopes to share the greatest REALITY of all. The joy of knowing God through His Son, Jesus Christ.